Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Positive Relationships

We have a good chance at being the winning class this term, after getting full points last week.

Kiwican says playing fair is what we do, taking turns for me and you. 

We're talking about how to follow rules and take turns.

For our energiser, we had to listen to the call... if it was "river" we were on the right of the line. If it was "bank", we jumped on the left of the line.
We needed to show integrity if we moved. To make it tricky, we then had to say the opposite command.

We talked about rules in different sports & the reason we have them.

We linked to rules at school and home.  We then talked about bedtimes and how much sleep we need to get a good night sleep... that's why we have a bedtime.

For our activity, we had to come up with an energiser that we could lead later in the term. It needs to have:
1. A name for our energiser
2. Rules
3. instructions

We needed to talk about our ideas before we put anything on paper. There were lots of ideas flying around the circle, but in the end we had to mesh our ideas together.


  1. Hi my name is Sapphire from Karoro School. I really like that you were learning about postivte realtionships and playing fair. This made me think of when I was in room 4 learning that too.

  2. Hi, I'm Breanna from Karoro School. I like how you were talking about rules and playing fair. Maybe next time you could make the writing a little more readable.

  3. Kia ora Te Rōpū Manawaroa,
    Those were really good images you have uploaded as they helped me understand what you were doing. There seem to be rules everywhere now, however they do mean that everyone knows what to do and how to behave. I really like the rule of "always treat others as you would want to be treated" and try to live by this rule everyday.
    I also believe in a good night sleep and try and get 8 hours a night. Some nights I get 4 hours of deep sleep, how much sleep does your class get on average?

  4. hi my name is nadir i am at owairaka school i like your photers you uploded i like your stuff you made bye


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