Wednesday, 23 May 2018


We're learning about Positive Relationships. Today we're talking about opinions, and how to talk about our opinions and our beliefs. It's okay to disagree with other people. It doesn't mean that we can't be friends.

"Kiwican says all aboard the leader ship!"

We played 'Pass the Pulse'. 
Pass the Pulse game
Owen squeezed someone's hand and then it was passed down the line to the end... to try and get Cando Kiwi first!
The boys won easily!

We had a wee debate. 

Topics included:
"video games are the best/worst thing ever".
"Children should/shouldn't help with chores".
"McDonalds is the best/worst food ever."

Teams had 5 minutes to come up with what they wanted to say. 
Owen, our Kiwican Leader


  1. Hi its jack from Karoro School. I think that these are nice photos.
    I like the ears that he is wearing on his head. To me are pretty cool or are funny. Maybe you should explain whats happening in the pictures but other than that I like the post.

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for your feedback. I've taken on board your comment about explaining what's happening in the pictures. I had thought that I had done this within the blog post however, upon looking, I've found that it is actually quite hard to decipher that this is what it's about!

  2. Hi it is Kade form Karoro School.I think that is a good post that is about relationships and nice photo man, that has the ears on. from Kade.

  3. Hi guys my name is Taylah and I am from Owairaka school and I am in room 6 I really like your photo's I also really like the ears that the teaches was wearing maybe next time try describing whats happening in the photo's but besides that I really like this post.If you would like to visit my blog check here> thanks


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