Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Only one way to find an answer to our question.

This morning there was a bit of discussion and debate about whether people want to do big jumps in actual BMX races. Dylan thought that they did. Rory and Ms Raisin said definitely not. For my writing, I wrote a letter to Sarah Walker, because she should know, right? Ms Raisin copied my letter into a message to Sarah Walker. Now I just have to wait for a reply...

Rendered Image

To Sarah Walker

Is it true that if you do a jump in a bmx race you slow down and lose the race. I personally think that when you get some speed from the starting ramp, you just don’t do a high jump but a long one. One that makes you fly over all the others, like through them in a space and win the race. Me and my teacher want a straight answer. 

My teacher says that the more air you get, the more slower you go. (She was a BMX racer in the olden days).

By Dylan

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  1. Kia ora, my name is Chloe and I am a student in room 6 at Owairaka school,I really like that you had a disscation about the whethrer people it is good to learn about the whether peopele


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