Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Celebration Assembly Art

We have been learning about the meaning of our home base name. Manawaroa means perseverance and resilience.
We created artwork to show how we persevere.


  1. Talofa My name is Apii and I go to Owairaka primary school.I love the way you guys did your art work.My favourite is the cat and the person who is scooting.I just got one question do you guys do manaakitanga in your school.

  2. Hi Mel. I'm Fynn from Karoro School, I really like your work and imagine the pictures if they were PURE art. It looks really good and thanks for commenting on our blog.

  3. Hello my name is Flynn. I go to Karoro School Grey-mouth. I enjoyed the art because they are well drawn. The music reminded me of when the School disco was on. Next time you could try to put more detail and colour in. Thanks (I really liked it) Thanks for commenting on my blog. From Flynn.S

  4. Hi I am jack from Ruma Rima at Karoro School,
    I like your art and love the background music, it is sick. Maybe next time you could focus on the same topic as in your art.

  5. Hi I am Issac from Karoro School I like all the work your class has done. I think there is nothing to be fixed it is awesome. We also have some one called Hamish in our class.

  6. Hi my name is Rekshan, From Owairaka school in room 6 . I really like the drawings they are very creative. I think you should change the music in the background it's a little bit too insane . Check my blog out at thanks.


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