Thursday, 24 September 2020

Spring Learning Journey

We used Song Maker to create some music as a warm up to the spring learning journey.

Here's a little jingle I created.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Making Good Choices

KiwiCan Says...
Making good choices
Is up to me
It shows I have
We are focusing on Making Good Choices. 
For our warm-up we played a game where Tia would say "Reset" (we put our heads down). When she said "1...2...3...look" (we pointed to someone in the group. If both people are pointing at each other, then you are both out.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one was watching.
We had to show integrity when we were pointing at someone but looking at someone else. It's important to show integrity when playing games because if you use honesty and fairness in a game it makes it more fun. If we don't show fairness then people won't want to play with us anymore and will play with other people. Also, little people might follow our bad example.


We shared ways that we've helped in the last week...
Ashaswi helped her mum make dumplings.
Orlando helped his mum make dinner.

Kiwican says...
Making good choices is up to me
It shows I have integrity

We played Ninja. With a ninja partner, we had to make one movement. If we got the other person, On the arm, then that hand went behind your back. We had to show integrity and make good choices for everyone to enjoy it. 

We played Dicey Dice (or greedy pig).
As the dice rolls, we add points. We had to make a choice about when we sat down and then would write the points down. If a 6 is rolled then it's the end of the round. That means there are no points for that round for those standing. Those sitting can add their points to their total.


Sophie from Food for thought came in to teach us about nutrition.Food For Thought

Today we met Harry. He helped up to see where the muscles and bones are in our bodies. There were lots of great questions:
If that was a woman, where would the womb be?
What is our saliva used for?
Do we have bones in our heart?
What does the kidney do?

We can strengthen our heart by exercise. We can also strengthen our body with healthy food. 
Everyday foods.
Dairy products help our bones. It has protein and calcium. 

Fruit and Vegetables come in all different colours. The different colours do different things for our bodies. They all work together as a team to give us different vitamins and minerals. 
Extraordinary Uses for Everyday Foods | Reader's Digest
Lean meat, seafood, eggs, nuts, beans, legumes and tofu. These foods are really high in protein, which helps out muscles. Iron is also important. 

Grains & starchy vegetables give us lots of energy and give us carbohydrates. the whole meal variety is even better. We can also get fibre from our grainy food. It is great for our intestines and helping to push food through them. If we stretched them out, they'd be 6m long. 
All of these foods are really good for our brain. 

Sometimes foods
Good to have now and then, but not every day. 
Lollies, flavoured milk, ice cream, burgers & fries, pizza. 
We looked at how much fat is in the different chips we eat. Even potato chips! It can get stuck in our arteries.
(Photo of lines and going through)

If we have lots of sugar it can damage our teeth. And fat can damage our bodies.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Recapping Resilience

KiwiCan says 
Keep on going
You're nearly there 
don't give up 
Just persevere.

This is our last KiwiCan session for the term.

We started with a game of silent ball.
We had to persevere when it got hard. 

We recapped what we had learned throughout the term. We did it by having a quiz with teams.
We needed to show resilience in our teams by sharing our ideas and the roles in our group (recorder & runner). We sometimes needed to show perseverance when we felt like our ideas weren't being listened to.

Today we earned kiwi for:
Team work

We needed to show more kindness in the words we used to others, and improve on the way we talk in between activities. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2020


KiwiCan says... 
keep on going,you're nearly there,don't give up, just persevere.

We played a game where we had to listen for An instruction and then Do an action.

Level 1
"Walk" means walk
"stop" means stop

Level 2
"Walk" means stop
"Stop" means walk

Level 3
"Walk" means walk
"stop" means stop
"Clap" keep going but clap once
"Name": keep going but say your name too. 

Level 4
"Walk" means stop
"Stop" means walk
"Clap" means carry on but clap once
"Name" means carry on name once 

Level 5
"Walk" means stop
"Stop" means walk
"Clap" means carry on but say your name once
"Name" means carry on but clap once 

Next, we had to silently get in a circle by the time Owen counted down from 10

We played "3, 6, 9"
We had to go around the circle, counting to 50. We weren't allowed to say the numbers 3, 6, or 9 in any way (we had to clap instead). We had to really pay attention to what the others were saying so we could keep up.  We had to pay attention to what everyone was saying as it went around the group. (Sometimes we don't do this during class discussions either.) The highest we got was 30... which was where it gets really tricky! Eventually, we persevered and got to 50. 
Kiwis we got:
(We didn't get the improvement or kindness kiwis, because we weren't encouraging others)


KiwiCan says...
Keep on going 
You're nearly there
Don't give up
Just persevere.

Biddy biddy bot.
If you're pointed at and Owen says "Biddy Biddy" you have to say "bop". If Owen says "Bop", you say nothing. 
We had to persevere because it was hard to think on your feet sometimes. We just sat down when we got out, rather than complaining.

We needed to show teamwork for our activity. Mystery Path. We had to work together as a team to figure out the mystery path.
Owen or Tia will say yes or no. You can only go forwards or backwards, not diagonal. We needed to pay attention while waiting in line do that we knew where to go and where not to go.