Friday, 5 July 2019

Snowmen & Snowwomen

We have been creating some super snowmen and snowwomen and then giving them a personality.
Check out some of our creations below (If you click on our name you will be taken to our blog post about them. Please leave us a comment!!!

Saturday, 15 June 2019


We have been learning about spices and where in the world they come from. Today we looked at how spices from different countries/cultures effect the cuisine we eat. 

We put spices on popcorn and then ate it... strangely the most spicy were the popular request. 
That didn't always culminate in a pleasant experience...


We are talking about the ocean because it's ocean week on Saturday. Lots of creatures live in the ocean. Sadly there's lots of rubbish in the ocean now too. Unfortunately lots of the animals in the ocean are dying. We can stop our impact on the ocean by being responsible for what we put in it.

Kiwican says...
Respect our ocean. Respect our sea.
That is the way it's meant to be!

We played "Tide in tide out"
Tide in (run left)
Tide out (run right) 
Scuba diver, whale, octopus, squid, shark attack (pretend to do the action)

We can all do little things to make a difference. 
Keep our oceans clean. Recycle. Keep the rubbish in the bins. 
We designed T-shirt's to raise awareness for our oceans.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


We are learning about different herbs and spices and how they are used in different countries foods.

Today we looked at turmeric, cinnamon, paprika, Ginger, cardamom  seeds, bay leaf, Rosemary, coriander 

Samoan Language week

It's been fantastic to celebrate Samoan Language this week, after our massive Cultural Diversity Celebration last week!

Check out these fabulous boys celebrating their Samoan heritage.

Sunday, 26 May 2019


We look after our things 
and show up on time,
Because when I'm responsible, 
It shows we are kind.

We played 'Magical Kiwi'. When your number is called, you have to come and grab the kiwi and take it back before you're tagged. If it was a tie, paper scissors rock to see who gets to take it.
An important rule in the game was taking responsibility and being honest. 

In our classroom we have rules too. 
- no running inside.
- put milk and fruit away.
- don't talk when others are talking.
- being gracious when playing games.

Find the wolf.
When Tia says "go", we move into thumbs up position. You are thinking about whether you'll be a pig, horse or a cow. The person who's thumb is tagged is the wolf. 
When an animal is called, those animals move as well as the wolf. The class needs to try and figure out who the wolf is.
Our focus is integrity, so we needed to not peek.
We recapped the rules for the game and why they were important. The game was unfair when they weren't followed.

It's our own responsibility to follow the rules.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Stuck in a game

We were lucky enough to have our Duffy Theatre show come to visit today.
The show was called "Stuck In A Game". 
A lot of our alongside could relate to Sam's intense tantrum when the game went wrong. 

Duffy got stuck in the magic brick game. His cousin Sam didn't like books, but had to read Duffy's book to save him.