Wednesday 2 March 2022

Mr Wilkinson turned into a spider!

 Today we wrote some fun silly stories. There were loads of crtazy ideas!

Canterbury Cricket

Rebecca from Canterbury Cricket came to teach us some skills.
We played Snowball tag, where two taggers had a ball. When they tagged someone, that person gets a ball to tag with as well. 

We played again, but we had to skip.

Our next game, we had to pretend we had a laser to aim at the wickets. When we hit the wickets, we took one out until all 3 were out.

Next, we practised batting. We needed to use the flat side. We had two shots then swapped over. 

Summer learning journey kicks off

The first activity is to make something that flies. Students were given 3 plane designs to investigate.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Life education

Why is having a growth mindset important?
How can we show resilience?

We need a really strong Te Whare Tapa Wha to have good overall well-being. 
We remembered the 4 pillars that make our house (our Houora) strong.

Taha Hinengaro

Neuroplasticity - you're brain is able to be trained. You can learn new things and make new connections.


We are learning about positive relationships. part of that is Positive Communication. Today in Kiwi Can we are talking about using our manners to suit the situation.
KiwiCan says communication say the word,
Use your words so you can be heard.
No need to argue, listen and see, 
Clear understanding is the key!

Today we were lucky to be able to head into our new teaching space for our KiwiCan lesson. This was the first time we got to go inside to have a look.

For our energiser, we had to use positive communication to keep balloons in the air. When we hit it once, we had to touch a wall before we hit it again. We needed to not let them hit the ground.
We had an activity where we had to choose a greeting (wave, bow, or handshake) that is most appropriate for the situation. 

First swim

We had our first class swim of the Summer.
The pool is a balmy 28 degrees, so it's warmer in the pool than out!

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Day 2 Lockdown Learning

Today we had to get creative and build a snowman, even though it's like a beautiful Spring day out there!
Here's mine: