Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Self control

KiwiCan says Self Control is up to me, keeping calm, with strategy.

Just a couple of rules: we had to be on our knees and we weren't allowed on the other teams side. We were only allowed to throw one piece at a time. When Owen says "freeze" we drop any paper in our hands. The team with the least "rubbish" on their side wins!
Owen showed us the jar of glitter he made. He talked about how we sometimes get all frustrated (shaking it up) and that it's okay but like our emotions, it takes time to let them settle.
We made a chatterbox that linked to our zones of regulation. We put emotions on there and then wrote strategies to go with them. 

Monday, 12 August 2019

Kiwi Can

Last week we talked about feelings and did an anger map to talk about how we deal with that emotion. 

This week we are talking about unmanaged emotions. Everybody has emotions and that's ok, but we need to be able to manage those emotions.

KiwiCan says...I have emotions and that's okay, when I deal with them, in a positive way. 

We played "Switch".  Somebody stands st each of the 5 cones. When you hear the word switch, you have to try and get to one of the four orange cones (not the yellow cone in the middle) if it's close, we do paper scissors rock. If you don't make it to an orange cone, you sit down and watch. The new person always starts at the yellow cone.

It was really frustrating and some of us were finding ourselves in the red zone. We were under a bit of pressure.

For our next activity, we had to complete a puzzle. The timer wouldn't stop until 5 puzzles are completed.
Some of our pieces were missing... and we had extras of others! We needed to go and ask other groups for the missing piece. It took us 3mins 59secs to complete all 5 puzzles. Ngakaunui did it in  3mins 25secs. We had to work as a group. Some people had more experience with jigsaw puzzles than others. We needed to show resilience.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Kiwi Can

Last week we talked about emotions. Emotions are how people feel. Feelings and emotions can change, especially when people cheer us up. 

Kiwi Can says, have emotions and that's okay,
as long as I deal with them in a positive way.

We played The Cone Game. Owen called out heads/shoulders/knees etc... When he called "cones" you had to grab the cone. If you both grabbed it, then paper scissors rock for the winner. 

We swapped partners and went again. We felt a lot of emotions: happy, excited, frustrated, annoyed, focused, competitive, sad, serious. Some of the triggers for feeling those emotions were: Owens voice tricking us, people cheating, rubbing it in.

Sometimes we feel angry because: people don't say nice things; they don't play fair or they cheat; when they rub it in. 

We filled out an anger map, to focus on how we react to feeling angry. 

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Origami Art!

We have been learning how to make origami in art with our student teacher Miss Rowland. Origami means paper folding in Japanese.

This week we made cups and lanterns.
It takes a lot of patience to fold the paper just right. But it is a lot of fun. After, we all decorate our origami!

Next, we will be making new shapes and trying new types of paper! Can't wait to share our work!

Working With Miss Rowland

Over the past six weeks, we have had our student teacher, Miss Rowland, in our class with us. 

Friday was her last day with us and she was sad to leave us. But we each made an origami person for her to remember us. 

We have loved having Miss Rowland as part of Manawaroa this term! 

New Beanbags

We are really lucky to get some new beanbags in our space. 

They are for our outdoor area... but while it's pretty miserable out there, we're going to make use of them indoors!

Shjon: "They're really good. Comfortable. I wish all the chairs were beanbags!"

Christina: "They're comfortable. Kind of a little bit hard, but they're also good for relaxing."

Summergrace: "They're comfy, and warm for learning on."

Maddock: "They're kind of comfortable because they're hard."


We are learning about resilience. Never giving up. We are looking at emotions. 
Kiwi Can says...
I have emotions and that's okay. 
When I deal with them, in a positive way.
 We listened to the song Happy... when we heard the word "happy" we had to do star jumps or push ups. When we heard the word "happiness" we needed to do a sit up. We had to listen really carefully. That became difficult as we got more tired from busting moves.
Examples of different emotions we have were: sad, confused, happy, emotional, ridiculous, depressed, joy, emotionless, angry, proud, tired, super excited, chillaxed. 
We got into groups and then were given a card with an emotion on it. We had to act out that emotion, including what had happened to get to that emotion. 
(Thankful, guilty, impatient, cautious, delighted)
We have been focusing alot on emotions this week. In mindfulness, we have been recognising our emotions as well as learning to accept our emotions. We talk about emotions being like the weather. They change... when it is stormy, we can be sure that in time the sunshine will come back.