Friday, 4 May 2018

Celebrating Star Wars Day

We've been having fun with Star Wars Day, by having a go at the Star Wars Hour of Code.

We learned to write the script to create the games... then we made our own games. You can check them out on some of our blogs.


  1. Kia ora Gilberthorpe School I am Hamish and I go to Karoro School. I liked the way you used scratch to show Starwars Day. Did you know that in Greymouth there is a coding club next to the movie theater. I would love to have a Starwars Day at our School.

  2. hi my name is Nadir i am at Owairaka school i am in room 6 i really like it cause i like Star wars and Computer it made me think of star wars and if you want to see my blog it is on Owairaka school room six and my name is Nadir bye

  3. Hi,my name is Fatima and I am a student from Owairaka school. I really like how your class/school celebrate Star Sars day. In the future I hope my school can celebrate star wars day cause it seems interesting and cool. If you want to check out my blog here the link----->

    Blog ya later!


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