Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Kiwican says all aboard the leader ship. 

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way,"
Playing the game "Seven".

We had to count to 7, using our legs. When we said "7", we lost that leg. We kept going around the circle until everybody was "out".

We talked about what it means to encourage someone. If someone doesn't want to do something, then you can encourage them with your words to keep trying. 

We worked together as a team, on our activity, which we did last year too. We had to step on the right cones in the right order to make our way through the mine field. We had to watch the person in front of us carefully to remember where to go. 
Minefield Game

It was great to hear such positive encouragement in the comments being made around the room. The high fives were a nice touch too!

We have come such a long way in the values that we show at KiwiCan. Today, we were being there by paying attention, encouraging each other and making the most of every opportunity. It paid off... we earned full points (20/20) plus a bonus point from Owen! No-one has ever had a bonus point before.


  1. Talofa,
    My name is Miss Mills and I am a teacher at Owairaka District School. I would just like to congratulate you all for your achievements in Kiwican. It is such an AWESOME program and everyone can learn a lot from it. Congratulations on getting a perfect score. The challenge is now is to maintain that high score. Continue with the positive comments, just a few simple words can make a huge difference to someone's day. What are you looking forward to learning about now?

  2. Kia ora Te Rōpū Manawaroa,
    It sounds like you are true KiwiCan superstars, especially earning a bonus point when no one has ever had one before! You have obviously been an incredibly respectful group of people who have worked well together. High Fives to all of you.

  3. Hi,

    I really like this post. Did you to NYLD (national young leaders day)
    Because it had a lot on how to be a good leader. I like how showed how you explained to the class. Next time maybe put it on a slide or something to show your work interest people more than just photo otherwise I really like it.

    Yaldhurst model school

    1. Hi Bree, Our students didn't go to NYLD because we only go up to Year 6, however my son went and enjoyed it (although he wished he went to the Dunedin one because Lima Sopoaga was presenting there). What was your favourite part about the presentation there?
      I do a brief blogpost from KiwiCan, while we are there each week, hence why its not a slideshow and only has a few photo's.

  4. Hi i'm Gracie from Yaldhurst Model School year six Rimu Class

    Have job for earning a bonus point when no one has had one before.
    Great job for getting a great score!!

    Was it challenging?
    was it fun?

    Do you think if you say something nice to someone can change their day

    Thanks Gracie

  5. Sawadee Mrs Raisin, Shyla here!
    I loved that Kiwi Can lesson, that was sure fun! Next time, you could tell us a tiny bit more about the games. But it sure was fun!
    Blog ya later!

  6. Malo My name is Apii and I come from Owairaka District school.I really like your game it is so cool and I play that game at my home

  7. Hi my name is Sundus i am a student at Owairaka school in room six
    i really liked how you played the chocolate game even if i don't like chocolate it was really fun

  8. Kia Ora my name is ,Chloe and I am from room 18 at Owairaka Distruct School I really liked your blog post about that game I reamber when I played games with cones have you ever tried doingit with hulahops Thanks for shareing your learning You should cheak out my blog (
    Blog you later


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