Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Respect for our community

We are learning about Respect for our community.
We talked about what a community is and places in our community.
Kiwican says "Respect for you, Respect for me, Respect for our community."

Our energiser was the Rock Scissors paper game we learned the other day... with a twist. If we lost we had to join as a snake to become a community. 

We talked about places in our community: the hub, shops, nana's, the swimming pool, the library, sports clubs, beach, the park, the hospital, the police, school, dairy. 

There are all these different places in our community, we talked about ways we should act when we are out in the community, like not yelling or running in the library. 

We had to come up with 2-3 ways that we would behave at each station.

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