Friday, 16 March 2018

Drama in the Community

We warmed up listening to music from the lion king. When the music played, we had to move like a certain animal. 

We are learning about communities. We created Freeze frames in response to some news headline prompts:
- "Protesters make final stand before digging begins."
- "Community angry st Minister of Energy"
- "Protestors show what others sources of energy the community has."
-"Community try to save local landmark."


  1. Kia Ora Gilberthorpe School, I'm Indi from Karoro School. Nice work! I like your picture because it includes heaps of pictures at the same time. Your presentation reminded me of when we have our arts interchange tryouts and my first tryout was drama. Next time maybe you could do a little video clip of some of you guys doing drama.

  2. HI my name is Lyric I am from Owairaka school.
    I really like your class photo and I like that your class care's about the community and the sea animals in the world.



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