Thursday, 15 March 2018


We have been learning how many tens and hundreds in a number...
We made animations to show how to easily answer this:


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  2. Hi I am Emma at Karoro School.
    I really like the background colour you chose.
    Have you considered telling me what math subject you are learning about?
    Next time you could use 2 slides because there are only 2 questions.

  3. Hi I am Issac from Karoro school I like how you have said when you are showing us the hundreds or the tens. We are learning something like that too.

  4. kia ora I am Luken from Karoro School, me and my class have been working on the same thing as this fantastic google slide. I like it how you did the number 98 675 then above write how many tens in. When the flag came along it covered up the number 75 and then there was the number 986 then I knew what was the answer.


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