Thursday, 15 March 2018

Life skills

We are learning about control. When we get angry we lose control... We needed to remember our breathing to help keep our self control. 
It's only an insult if we accept it and react, because it means we accept it. If we put it on the ground and walk away, then we're not accepting it and we don't own it.


  1. Hello I am Benny from Karoro School Room 5. I think that this is awesome. This reminded me of our blog. I think this is cool because you went outside and did stuff. Finally the first picture has someones fingers on it. Apart from that this is awesome!

  2. Hello I am Alaska from Ruma Rima Karoro School. I really like how the class learnt to control there anger because everybody can get out of control when they are angry. Maybe next time you could put in one of the skills that you where doing to control your anger.


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