Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Welcome back to Kiwi Can

We are learning about Respect this term. We have new leaders! Owen, who came last year for a few sessions, is joined by Katie.
Owen and Katie teaching us the new catchphrase.
We played a suped up game of Paper Scissors Rock'. If we lost, we had to go down on our knees. People on feet competed against each other... and people on their knees competed. If you lost again, you went to your bottom. You could be freed by answering a question from Owen, Katie or Ms Raisin.

Our focus is on Respect for our school. 
"I show respect for my school, because it is really cool."

We worked together to come up with what respect means to us. There were loads a fantastic ideas. 
Stop look and listen.
Being kind... all the time.
Look after the school and property.
Respect our land, equipment and family.

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  1. Tēnā koutou Te Rōpū Manawaroa.
    I enjoyed reading your Kiwi Can post because I haven't been to any classes this year. I especially like that we have a focus on being respectful in our school. I'm looking forward to seeing all of us get better and better at showing respect.


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