Sunday, 25 February 2018


We have been doing loads of learning around the Olympics. 
We watched this video, made for the last Olympic Games, which were in Rio 2016.

We were looking at how we need to look for messages in videos, even when there are no words. We need to pull information out of the text (video).

In this video, we are introduced to a range of sports which are in the Olympics. We see the mascots travelling trough the rainforest...
There are musicians playing traditional South American music too.

We decided that the video is giving us a sneak peak or glimpse into Brazilian culture and what we could expect to see at the Olympics. It might be designed to hook us in to wanting to watch it.

We are looking for the Winter Games episodes... 


  1. I do not know it either.

  2. Hello everyone my name is Hamish from Karoro School. I like the way you added a video. It reminded me of when we learnt about the treaty of waitangi in class. To improve it maybe you could add your own video which you made.

  3. Hello everyone my name is Lorenzo from Owairaka school. I like the way you added a video it was cool but it reminded me when i was racing when i was a year 4. I hope you all are having fun learning.Thank you for posting have fun. come and visit

  4. Hi there my name is Chloe and I am a student i room 6 at Oawiraka School I really like how you told the people about when The time was I really like that video I made me think of when I made my own Olympics video Next time try thinking about telling us why did they become friends in the video.If you would like to my learning blog,my blog is http;// Chloe

  5. Hi my name is Rekshan from Owairaka School. The Rio Olympics were cool at the time , I really liked the video it was a cool animation.

  6. i liked your video because it is animated but next time make it long.

  7. Kia ora,my name is Hibo from room 18 at Owairaka school.We have been learning about the Olympic's as well.And i really like how you put a animated video about the Olympic's.If you would like to see my blog here it is

    Blog ya later,

  8. Kia Ora my name is Maddison I am a Year 6 at YMS I enjoyed reading you blog and I found it very interesting, what is your favorite sport in the olympics? do you play a sport if so what is it? this reminded me of the time my class ( Rimu ) learned about the commonwealth games, you blog post was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it Kai Pai, Kind Regards Maddison from YMS.

  9. Hi I am Kade from Karoro School. I like your post because it had a funny monkey. I liked how you put a cool video in it.

  10. Hi there my name is Chloe and I am a student in room 18 at Owairaka school I really like the olympics video if you would like to see my blog my learning is http//Chloe. Owairaka


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