Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Waiata O Aotearoa

We were lucky enough to be invited by Linwood Avenue School, to their performance of Waiata O Aotearoa.

Other schools in the audience included: Linwood North,School Te Waka Onua, Omihi, Bamford, and Tai Tapu.
Performers ranged in age from 5years to 11 years old. 

Student voice:

  • People were singing along to the songs.
  • They were talking about the olden days so they showed us what it was like when our parents were young.
  • I really liked the bird costumes. 
  • They put a whole lot of thought into that whole performance.
  • I enjoyed the time machine and how it put the disco lights on, was shaking and making noises.
  • I liked the army and how they went out excited and then came in hurt.
  • I liked how the transitions were so quick
  • I liked it how they used the time machine to go to the different places.


  1. Hi there my name is Chloe and I am student at Owairaka in room 18. I really like were you have been singing along to the music if you would like to see my learning my blogs is http//Chloe

  2. Malo My Name is Apii.I am a student at Owairaka District Primary school.I really like your picture about you guys singing and danceing.You guys are free to come on my blog.MY blog is Apiisaloma @ Owairaka District School thank you.


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